We're united by love to our country and its nation. Without regard to ethnicity, language, religion, social origin, occupation or income level.

Our patriotism lies in determination, will and ability to change the country for the better. To create strong, independent, just and successful Ukrainian state, acting on behalf of its nation and for its interests. To create a state with a Human as its core value.

With this purpose it's necessary to fully demount bureaucratic corrupt system, which has been destroying Ukraine for the last 24 years and keeps doing that today. This system is not subject to being reformed. It should be eliminated. In a peaceful, constitutional, political manner. It's a question of the country's survival and the principal task of the Revolution of Dignity. The Revolution is not done until this System continues to destroy the country.

To liquidate the System means to punish and clear a decision making process off those people, who enriched themselves at the country’s expense: these are oligarchs, state officials, politicians, law-enforcers, prosecutors, judges.

This means by a nation-wide referendum to adopt a new Constitution, designed by a Constitutional Convention, independent from the state aithorities and oligarchs.

This means to gradually but fully reset rules and regulations, which for the last 24 years have been designed for justifying the country’s and its nation looting and replace it by legislation, consisting of 12-15 clear, straight-forward and understandable Codes.

This means to reboot the political parties system, which as of now should exist only at the cost of transparent contributions of their supporters.

This means to transfer those enterprises, stolen by the System and oligarchs belonging to it, back into the state's hands as well as the assests of the aggressor within our territory.

New Ukraine is a country of socially-oriented market economy, a country which evaluates human’s health, freedoms and welfare the most.

This is a country with an economy built on the principles of equal competitive conditions and the same rules for everyone. When most of the people are co-owners of the largest enterprises and companies through direct equity participation or independent and pension funds. When state-owned holdings, being managed by professional international companies, allocate earnings in fulfilling social commitments to people.

This is a country, which can do with a minimum number of deputies and state officials, with their decisions being controlled by civil society. This is a parliamentary republic, a country where coup d'etat is impossible, and President's rights are clearly limited to representative functions. When President can't be a member or a head of any party, and any party or block can't make the most of President's name. It's a decentralized country, when central authorities has transferred most of the powers to the local authorities of cities, districts and villages, and remained responsible only for questions of national security, defense and diplomacy as well as implementation of strategic projects on country’s development. It's a country where powers of local communities are ensured through both an opportunity to freely control earnings and rights to elect judges, prosecutors and heads of local force authorities. It's an incorrupt and transparent country, where corruption has equal status with high treason and is punished by supreme penalty and total confiscation of property.

It's a country with an active position in political processes of Europe and worldwide. It's being listened to on the West and on the East. Which is able to protect itself at any moment with the help of professional contact basis army, reserve units and volunteer battalions. This is a country which strives for international tribunal for the attacking country and criminal punishment for those, guilty of making a war against Ukraine. This is a state, which restores country's integrity and returns back the territories, lost during the war.

This is a country, not being afraid of its own people, providing them with possibilities to control state decisions and change incompetent managers, as well as with a right to keep and bear arms.

This is a country of free and responsible people, instead of bureaucratic clans. It's a country where people want to live and are not ashamed to die for.

This is Ukraine, we're going to build with our hands, our resources and our skills.