Ihor Palytsya: Ukraine needs new politicians in power

Ihor Palytsya: Ukraine needs new politicians in power

1 February 2018, 10:59 Роздрукувати

Ukraine needs a radical change in the system of power and the new, young politicians. This was stated during a press conference following the results of the meeting of the UKROP political council by the member of the party presidium, the Head of Volyn Regional Council Ihor Palytsya.

According to him, opinion surveys and polls, in which the old political forces lead, do not reflect the real sentiments of the citizens. According to the UKROP member, the real election results will differ significantly from current forecasts, since up to 40% of the Ukrainians have not decided who they will vote for. And this particular part of voters is unlikely to support the politicians who lead the ratings.

“The things that happened after 2014 make people vote not only by heart, but also analyze the actions of the politicians,” said Ihor Palytsya.

According to the Head of Volyn Regional Council, UKROP has good chances to win the future votes. The growth of party’s support is demonstrated not only by the figures that are shown on paper, but also by the concrete results of the recent elections in the united communities.